Law4k E04 Leanne Lace - Steal this BMW in 60 seconds or feel the taste of my dick

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268   1 year ago
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268   1 year ago
My partner and I were sitting in the car, preparing for patrolling the area when we noticed a suspicious girl. She, of course, did not notice us as our car holds no special identification marks, so everything happened right before our eyes. The girl put an eye on a nice BMW in the parking lot and was circling it for a long time. Then she unlocked the car, using some sort of gadget, got into the car and started the engine and rushed away. We realized that it was a hijacking and rushed after her right by the main streets of the city. Frankly, she was driving so fast that I could barely keep up with a powerful BMW engine. Turning to the country road, I was able to sharply cut her way and block any further movement. ?Get out of the car, hands over your head!?, - I shouted. We decided to punish this cheeky bitch properly!
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