Stuck4k E07 Leanne Lace - Don't light the fireplace or you'll get stuck

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201   1 year ago
It was a quiet evening. Leenne Lace was sitting in front of a fireplace, reading one of her favorite novels. Nothing was out of the ordinary during this amazing evening when, all of the sudden, the fireplace turned off. Leenne put her book away and bent down to see what the problem was. She shoved her hand in the small hole to see if the air is circulating properly. Pulling the hand back turned out to be a problem...

It was stuck in there, and Leenne found herself in a silly situation, not knowing what to do next. - Somebody, help! ? she screamed, hoping that a family member would hear her. After a little while, her husband came into the room. He was looking at her with an amused look on his face since it was such a weird situation. - Baby, I was tired of waiting for you in the bedroom. Let me help you get free, and you will have to suck on my cock in exchange, but you must do it first! Leenne liked this game, so she pulled the dick out of his pants with the only free hand?
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